My work takes influence from things that are industrial, mechanical and manmade. I often reference architectural structures that have surrounded me throughout my life. These consist of barns, silos, factories and water towers as well as many other structures. Many of these buildings are used for containment and are in essence vessels of function. These buildings, which are often run down and abandoned show with their weathered exterior textures of flaking paint and rusted steel, a course of production and history. In my work I look to their weathered exterior textures for inspiration and ideas on surface treatment. The simple geometric shapes of these structures are often echoed in the main body and various parts of my pieces. Chimneys, windows, vents, smokestacks and piping are integrated in my work as decoratively charged elements of visual interest. Sometimes these elements are incorporated into my work as handles, lids, and spouts. I also incorporate numbers and symbols on my work through the use slip stencils and laser print transfers. These markings give variety and reference the architectural structures that I look to for inspiration. I often leave marks on the form as evidence of the working process. These subtle marks are then accentuated by the atmospheric firing processes of soda and wood and help to give my work the same sense of history and aged qualities that I look to for inspiration.